Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bling & Bows

How is that Christmas shopping coming along? Let me help you with two fabulous suggestions. - Ashley, one of my bestest buds from college (we also share the same birthday!) has started her own jewelry business. It is amazing handcrafted jewelry and all made from wood and paper. Every time I wear the pieces she has made for me, I am flooded with compliments. If you are looking for unique jewelry for someone or yourself, this site is for you! - our cousin Sarah is making adorable bows through her new bow business. If you have a special little princess in your life who needs a fun, pretty bow for her little head, this is your site!

I hope this helps you with shopping ideas and boosts the business for some off my favorite girls.
(We also might get free products if you buy bling & bows. We love some bling and Anna always needs a bow!)



Matt & Jolee said...

Ok, I LOVE the bows! The only problem is I can't get Jordyn to grow any hair... lol. I bookmarked it though and believe me, I'll be ordering some. Cute!