Thursday, November 15, 2007

Boys, Boys, Boys

Well, it happened. As a mom of 3 boys I have been waiting for this, waiting and dreading. Saturday afternoon while Stephen was killing his first deer, Samuel got hit in the eye with (get this) a 13 year old fist! All the boys in the neighborhood were playing in our backyard and the playing turned to pushing and the pushing turned to hitting. All the kids said Samuel didn't do anything. We talked to the boy's parents and they were very apologetic. The boy had been suspended from school the day before for the same thing. I hated it for Samuel, he has such a tender heart and I think it really bothered him that someone would hit him, especially in his own backyard, but it did make him feel good to see how his friends stood up for him. Samuel's eye swelled and turned blue just about immediately. It looks like he has eyeshadow on it, but it doesn't hurt anymore-so all is well.

PS. Today as we were driving home from Pine Bluff we passed a pasture of cows that were all lying down. Samuel said "look mom, the cows are having Bible Study". How sweet is that?!



Sisters said...

I am laughing outloud and almost spitting up Diet Sprite. It is though I am in the van with you, hearing him say that. I can hear and see his face. Oh my, the child is so funny!