Monday, November 19, 2007

I Am Thankful For...

(in random order)

Less Migraines this year and medicine that does not make me feel bad all the time

My cute, hard working, responsible provider and funny husband who makes my little world complete

The family who loves to hug and loves me for all my quirks, my humor and my sensitive heart

That the old guy on the brand new Harley who rear-ended me & totaled my car in the spring did not get hurt or die.

Free hair care from my mother-in-law beautician

A mama who calls daily just to hear my voice

A job that does not feel like a job but rather a meeting amongst friends where I can use all my God given skills.

For loving neighbors who love me like family

My fab four (Samuel, David, Daniel and Anna K.) for all the warm fuzzy feelings they give me.

That I can now successfully decorate birthday cakes like a real baker for all my favorite people

A safe and comfortable place to call home

Mrs. Carolyn for bringing true belly laughter and tears of joy to my life while giving me a glimpse at myself in forty years

Learning to react with my heart instead of my emotions

Receiving 5 invitations for Thanksgiving dinner …I feel loved , torn and wish I could wiggle my nose and be at all 5 homes but I will have to settle for 1.

Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you can stop and reflect on all those things
that make you thankful this year.



Anonymous said...

I am thankful for you and so glad you know how to be thankful for your blessings You are a delightful woman and it makes me so happy.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and wonderful Randall.

lindsey said...

i am thankful for precious friends that, although i don't see them often, grow more dear every day!! i love you very much, abby jo!!!

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for my "Baby daughter" and the wonderful lady she has become. I am thankful that she has settled in a job where her God given abilities are needed and appreciated. I am thankful that she loves her family and thinks of and calls her Daddy often. I am thankful that she is cooking my supper tonight.