Thursday, November 8, 2007

Going to God's Country

It’s rare that I decide to take the long trek home on a whim, but I am tired and loopy these days. Rand and the other guys are working all weekend out of town trying to get all their cotton to the gin before it closes for the year. He said the gin is now staying open just for them. Crunch time, for sure. Anyway, Jules has been in the Fort since Sunday for the state convention and is on her way back to her place with her crew today. Mama is just green with gitty that she can see both of us in the same week at her place. Aunt J emailed some pictures this morning from our cousin’s engagement party and I didn’t even recognize Mama in the picture. So sad, really. I guess I do need to get home and reintroduce myself! Well, I am jetting out of Memfrica after lunch tomorrow and will be anxious to see Mama, Aunt J, Licca Lou and the boys. Much work to be done until then. Pray that the tractor trailers don’t honk at me all the way down 40….I hate that more than anything. They see big hair and young legs and stick to my Maxima like glue. Oh, fun times ahead!



Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. It's been forever since I've seen you!


Lindsey Watson said...

ha ha!! you are cracking me up! have so much fun at home and be careful driving!

Stephanie said...

Enjoy your visit!! I remember coming home and how good it felt.

Anonymous said...

Come on down to the Fort!!!

Can't wait to see you! Keep those truckers in your rear view mirror girl! Lead the way!

Your favorite Aunt !