Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Big Sister's Random Facts

One of the blogs I read posted random facts about herself, I shall do the same!!!
I only drink coke out of a plastic glass
If I'm in a restaurant that only has real glasses, I ask for a to-go cup.
I still tease my hair, and acknowledge that I am the only one under 58 that still does.(My mom does)
My eyes water when I am tired (I didn't notice until my friend Cindy told me).
I would rather eat out than at my home(which doesn't say anything bad about my cooking!!!!!).
My feet have grown 1/2 a size since having children.
I like to sleep late and my children don't. But that doesn't stop me from doing it!
I cannot potty train a child!!!!! But I can get them to sleep through the night!
I'm learning more about fractions now then I did when I was in school.

Hey girls check out this website. It has your local grocery ads and good coupons! You know us girls-SAVE,SAVE,SAVE!!!!!



Sisters said...

I love the Hungry Girl site...it is one of my favs. I am so glad it is one of your favs too! We are some fine Hungry Girls!

Mandy said...

Seriously, Julie? A plastic cup? I'll take the caffeine any way I can get it sister! :)