Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Hate ADT!

I know it isn’t nice to hate but I HATE ADT!!!!! If you use them, I pitty you. If you don’t use them then you are so very blessed! My blood pressure goes high whenever I see an ADT van, sign or commercial. If I could do a commercial against them, I would and I would do it for free! I am ADT free as of 12/31/07 and I can’t celebrate it enough. The past three years have been miserable dealing with those sad souls. Thank you Lee from Monitronics for paying off our contract with ADT and giving us an upgraded system. So, don’t try to break my glass, pull my garage door up, assault me in my driveway or break in one of my doors because you will be had by my new fine system, my fine friends!

Now, I feel better.



lindsey said...

why do you hate ADT so much??

Sisters said...

Well Linds,I have three years of reasons to be disgusted. I paid for service for three months and was not monitored. I tested it one Saturday morning during those first three months and they didn't call! Since then we have ahd a really bad relationship. There have been times I have tested and tripped the system without them calling. We had a dead battery installed and we had to pay to have it changed! They are VERY expensive and we had the barebones of service. The contract was up and I got out! They are just to big for their britches and I am sure my account records were tainted with ugly comments about me!

Mandy said...

Hey, Abby- I'm a little worried that you are having trouble expressing your true feelings.....:)

Anonymous said...

Don't hold back, Ab. Tell us how you really feel.