Friday, November 2, 2007

What A Week

We have done 5 full and tiring days of school. And had 4 nights of activities. Oh to rest!!! Samuel is learning to estimate in division and it is harder for him than I thought it would be. But I think he is beginning to pick it up. David and Daniel are doing really good in school. All three boys made 100's on their spelling tests today. Samuel had rebellious, accuracy, regrettable, and obedience.(those words also pretty well describe the kind of week we had!) Along with 24 other words. Next weeks words are even hard for me, I'm going to have to study over the weekend. And not just on spelling, but the metric system! I don't remember much about it, so this weekend my face will be in a math book. I don't have to do much studying for 1st grade, I have it down!!!
Anna is still rebelling in the potty-training department. We've done everything I know to do, and everything anyone has suggested(except sending her to daycare). Today-it is 3:00 when I am typing this-she has not had an accident yet. Which is good, considering by this time yesterday she had been through 4 pairs of panties and still had 7 hours before she made it to bed. No, we don't normally stay out that late, but it was the last football game of the season and it was out of town. Wednesday, of course was Halloween. The kids were so cute. Sam was a clown, Dave was a surfer dude, Daniel was a hobo, and Anna was a cheerleader. I'll have pictures soon.



Anonymous said...

Hey Jules...Connie got a new
"Yorkie" and we are using Puppy Pads for her... Perhaps you can try those for Anna K.
Love a\ya,

Sisters said...

Ok Daddy, that is so mean!