Saturday, November 3, 2007

What Happened to Tom?

Santa Claus is making his first appearance at the Wolfchase Mall this weekend in Memphis. Seriously, what happened to Tom the Turkey? Did he die and no one told us? I love Christmas, but I miss Thanksgiving. We rush to get Christmas started and it stresses people out, causes some people to spend more and it has caused Tom to disappear. I think if I had a baby, I would take it to see Santa this weekend in a turkey costume!
I know I am guilty of rushing it but I don't want society to make me rush it. Last year I made clay ornaments in August while playing a Point of Grace Christmas CD, but I did it in the privacy of my own home and subjected no one to it other than my mom and sister when I called them with my ornament updates. I did it because I wanted to and it brought me joy. Last weekend I wrapped the 20 presents I have bought so far because I was dying to use my large supply of new wrapping products from the big after Christmas sales this past January. I put them away in a closet after I wrapped them. I like celebrating because I want to and not because I feel panicked to do so.
I hate hearing the countdown to Christmas every morning on the radio. My heart speeds up and I get a bit sweaty thinking of all there is to do. Surely Jesus also gets a little upset about this new rush on Christmas because the focus is truly not on Him but rather the almighty dollar.
I remember not even thinking about Christmas presents, parties or decorations until the first of December. Growing up we never put our tree up until the second week of December and we always got our pick of the prettiest at the tree lot. That was only ten years ago! Last year Rand and I put the lights on our house the weekend before Thanksgiving (we didn't turn them on until after T-Day!). We have fallen into the trap but we try to balance it as best we can with all that we have on our plates this time of year. Harvest, duck season, living away from three of our four families, my annual cookie/ornament swap, and my annual baking all have a special place in that Thanksgiving to Christmas window. We pray for a right focus and I think we make it work. So, we may be just as guilty as the mall, but we miss Tom and try our best to give him the respect he deserves.



Mandy said...

In my husband's family, it is against family "rules" to "begin" Christmas until you gives thanks on Thanksgiving. The thought is, that you basically celebrate Christmas informally throughtout the year, but you spend a full 5 weeks with beautiful decorations and tangible reminders and formally celebrate Christmas during advent. That being said, our decorations go up the day after Thanksgiving! :)

Michael said...

Why don't you summon your inner Gretchen Wilson and leave your Christmas lights on your house all year long???? Come on Abby Jo, you know you are.

note: If you don't know what I'm talking about google Gretchen Wilson...

Sisters said...

How dare you think I have any inner Red Neck Woman tendencies...thanks, Collyar!

Lindsey Watson said...

I agree with your sentiment on so many people commercializing Christmas. It is the old Charlie Brown debate, every year! However, I have tried to start looking at Thanksgiving time all the way through New Year's Day as the "Holiday Season." I view these as 3 separate holidays of course, however, I feel like you can enjoy them all at the same time. Of course we need to give thanks year round, but Thanksgiving is a time we have set aside to emphasize something we don't do as often as we need to. However, we can be thankful for Christmas and all that it represents. Just like, at Christmas, we don't stop being thankful because Thanksgiving has passed. And I ALWAYS begin to get excited about the anticipation of a new year as soon as I feel the air getting a little crisp. I look forward to ALL of the holidays while not leaving any of them out. I know what you are saying, and I agree with you. I am also glad that you and Randall have found that balance that so many people don't even know they are lacking. Happy Holidays!!!! Love you!!!