Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sucker For A Sale

I love a good sale. Today I went and got Easter décor from Kroger & Dollar General on my lunch hour for next to nothing (as if I needed any more!). For those of you that don’t “really” know me….I am my Granny’s child. I love to decorate for the seasons and I go hog wild with it. I even decorate the bathrooms. It is a joke in the family that I decorate with a toilet seat cover at Christmas like Granny. Anyway, my favorite find today was ducks for Anna K’s birthday party. Jules found some on clearance at Wal-Mart yesterday and Mama already bought some last month at Garden Ridge….that child is going to have all kinds of ducks at her little b-day party. Fun times for her!
I am BOGOing this weekend for some wedges and may get some Dora sandals for Anna K. as my half off pair. Oh, the sacrifices I make for those loves! You know Anna has to have cheese and crackers every time Dora comes on. Whether it is 9 am, 1 pm, or 7 pm, when she sees Dora she high tails it to the kitchen for her cheese and crackers. She even thought she was Dora for a while, but she is now past that stage.
If you see a sale on Fisher Price digital cameras, message me and let me know. I am hunting those for the D’S (Dave & Dan) birthday. My cousin Claire got one for her birthday and it is the cutest thing. Dave loves to look at the screen after we take his picture so I know he will be tickled to have it. I just hope I can find it at a reasonable price, as I have to buy two of them and Anna’s birthday gift. I love that my sister choose to have three kids 4 days apart and I am the only aunt. It truly drains my pocket book but the expressions on their faces and the excitement in their voices make it worth the effort.
Speaking of sales….I got a fantastic deal on a car last week. It was an insane adventure but one that I will always remember. Thanks to Mama and to Skim, I love you for all you did for me Friday. What a day it was. I actually have seat warmers in my new ride! Rand says I sound redneck bragging about it but it was the first thing Mama and I tried out when we got in it, so call us rednecks, we don’t care! What a deal it was….God is good all the time for sure. If you need to buy a car, call me….I am a pro at it now.
Well as you can see, I am all about a good buy and felt like ranting about it today. Thanks for reading all of this nonsense.



kathy davis said...

well you are a decorator for sure and you got it from the best: Granny. lucky girl for getting that talent.
and for last friday: for someone like me who doesn't like to ride or drive, we sure went around the world didn't we?? but wasn't it fun and we had such a good time to visit. and wasn't the catfish at catfish hole good?? yum!!
wish i had brought the camera with me to take pictures of the cars, salesmen, old car and tim. that would have been fun for you to scrapbook. you are a fun girl