Sunday, April 22, 2007

He Calls me Friend

It is one thing to be friendly, yet another to be a friend. John 15:15 gives me goose bumps because Jesus calls us his friend. Wow...that is cool! In John 15, He commands us to be more than surface level with people and to truly get to know their hearts. He encourages us to build relationships with people, all people.
Jesus served all people, even sinners. Why do we think we are above that calling? I know I am guilty of it as much as anyone. I often think, "Oh, I can't get too close to her/him because they don't know Jesus like I do and I shouldn't share my heart with them." This way of thinking is wrong on my part. Jesus hung out with the sinners, down & out and the poor. When we get past the surface, we all have the same needs and we all deserve to be treated the same, regardless.
Everyone deserves the same attention despite their sins. Jesus followed this rule and we should do no less than our King. We as Christians need to get personal with all people because
God is glorified through that type of friendliness.
Personally, this hits a soft spot with me. Where I live I have very few friends. I can count them on one hand actually! Growing up, this was not the case. I had more friends than I could mention. For some reason when I moved here, I decided to be selective on who I wanted as friends. Maybe it was my way of covering up my insecurities with my
new surroundings or maybe I thought no one could
replace my old friends, who knows.
To my dismay, we made some friends when we first married and I decided because they were not Christians we were baring bad witness and should stop hanging out with them.
Plus, they were sure to drag us down. I have fought loneliness often in these last few years and prayed daily for a "real friend".
Days have gone by with that request unanswered. Well, to my surprise these friends
that I shunned have come back into my life andas much as I bad mouthed it and fought it, I rejoice in it today.
I realize God wants Rand and me to bare good witness on these people and show His love to them through us. God never ceases to amaze me in the lessons he teaches me.
We have the awesome responsibility to show God's love to the world and
share his commands through friendships.
Please pray for me as I get to know these friends again with a refreshed heart. Pray that they will see Jesus in me in every one of our meetings. I am glad Jesus is teaching me to get passed the surface and really get to know hearts. Thank You Jesus for
friends and forgive me for not being one for so long.



Anonymous said...

Good post, you are so right....we need to be befriend the lost b/c if we don't show them His love and tell them about Him, who will?