Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Cuties

I have pictures of my kids on Easter in all of their cute duds, but my memory card doesn't fit Stephen's computer so ya'll are out of luck! Just imagine the cutest 3 boys and prettiest little girl you've ever seen and that will come pretty close to them!
I forgot to get a bow for Anna's hair. I didn't remember until Sat night when we were sitting in Pizza Hut. We went to Walmart but they didn't have any to match her dress, and since we were in Monitcello there wasn't any other place to go. She looked very pretty anyway. But I will try to find her a bow for the next time she wears the dress. As much as she is like her Aunt Abby, she does have times when she isn't. I told her she was the prettiest one at church, and she said "no, Kinsey was". Abby told everyone that she was the cutest one there, every chance she got!
I just love them both!!
The boys were quite handsome in their striped shirts and ties. They loved wearing the ties. Thanks to Nancy for helping with all the Easter clothes! They loved them!!! Congrats to Abby for making a beautiful Easter dinner this year. I wish I had been there to eat the ham, that she made from scratch! She glazed it and cooked it all by her little self after getting home from a whirlwind trip to northwest Arkansas. What a girl!!!! One last brag on the kids. At the church Easter egg hunt Saturday morning Anna won the grand prize after finding 42 eggs!!!!!
Way to go!!!!!
Love ya'll!!!


Sisters said...

Remember when I was there in Feb and we were putting her to bed and you asked her if she was going to sleep good and she said "Yes, cause I'm pretty" all matter of factly...that is why I love that child more than life itself!

kathy davis said...

julie, remember when you and abby were little, i would tell you both that you were the prettiest ones there, but not to tell anyone cause it would hurt the others feelings. so anna comes by the nice naturally. i can hardly wait to see their picture. take the card to walmart and get the pictures made, that is the way i do it.
check with sarah about the bow situation.