Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Jolly Ranchers

This is a random blog, but isn’t that what makes blogging fun? Someone brought a huge sack of Jolly Ranchers up to work and put them in a big bowl in our lobby. Well, I frequent that bowl once before lunch and once after lunch. I hate that it draws me in, but it does. Jolly Ranchers remind me of my childhood so much, especially cherry and apple.
I used to ride my purple Huffy, spoke charms and all (which my mother later sold for $10 in a garage sale), to the E-Z mart at Windsor Park and Albert Pike, to load up on Jolly Ranchers. I would save all my coins (or my sister’s coins) and put them in a DoubleTree Hotel chocolate chip cookie tin. (We used to go stay at the DoubleTree in Tulsa all the time because Daddy had a comp with them through the radio station.) I would pour all my coins out in the floor and count them to see how many Jolly Ranchers I could buy.(They were 3 cents a piece) I would then load up on my bike and study how I was going to haul the tin to the E-Z Mart while riding my bike. It was a slow and wobbly trip, put I would get there. Once I arrived, I would go give the clerk my money. While the clerk counted the change strung out all over the counter, I would take my empty tin and go load up on my Jolly Ranchers. Knowing exactly how many I could afford and which ones were my favorite, I would devise a game plan before arriving at the store so I could hit and run.
Once I had them in my tin, I would then go throw them out on the counter and the clerk would count. It usually worked out just as I had planned once at the register, though there were times I had to put some back or even go grab more! I would then speed race home to show everyone my Jolly Ranchers. The ride home was never slow or wobbly as it was going. I remember calling Erica or anybody that was available to come over and play. I would act all cool and be like “Hey, you want a Jolly Rancher?” once they arrived. It was always an awe struck moment for them to see the vast assortment of that childhood favorite in my bedroom. I was the cool kid in town for that moment. I liked it.
Oh, if things were only that simple as an adult. If we could take pride in the simple things and be proud to share it with everyone. Instead, we are often embarrassed for anyone to know how simple our lives might actually be. I think the simpler the better. God honors that, I think, more than the other. So, as I continue to suck on my cherry Jolly Rancher, I will smile thinking about the simple things in my life, because they are truly the most meaningful.



Anonymous said...

Did your mother know that you were riding your little Huffy to the ez mart?? i can't believe that i let you do that. you are just too funny in your memories. i guess it is a good way to collect friends. come on over and have some jolly ranchers. Jolly Rancher Co. would love to hear this story.

your mama

Anonymous said...

Abby, do you remember the antique Santa Claus bottle filled with M&M's we passed from one to the other every year at Christmas? One year someone filled it with Jolly Ranchers . Was that YOU? What a girl..I love you, mamaw

Anonymous said...

I remember jolly rancher wrappers hidden everywhere...and like your Mom..I don't think your Dad knew you were venturing up to Albert Pike and Waldron Road. I am so proud of what you have become. You did good, girl. I love you more than Razorback football (and,Baby, that's alot of love).