Monday, April 30, 2007

Shoot, You're Kidding

Jules and I have so much fun together...I love my sister!

Rand and I had so much fun staying up until 12:30 Friday night playing Guitar Hero with Jules & Stephen. My sister can tear up some "More Than a Feeling" (duh, it's Boston, after all!) Stephen can tear up any of the songs because he is just awesome like that, Rand can tear up on some "Sweet Child of Mine" and I, myself rocked out to "Woman" after many failed attempts. I love that game!!!!! We cracked up at the boys because they think Cherry Pie is really about cherry pie and sing the song...oh, the downsides of that game.

The twins got a trampoline for their birthday last week and it is the hot new item on Bobbies Circle. We jumped for 2 hours Saturday morning and ate donuts from the village bakery. It was wild: Stephen tried to slaughter me on it, Jules is quite the cheerleader as she can still do a toe touch, Rand taught Anna that is okay to fall down and that it is actually fun, Rand made sure we knew the rules of proper jumping before he got on and then we broke the weight limit with 6 people on it at one time and it didn't break!

David, Daniel and Anna got new bikes for their birthday. Their Uncle Randall and Daddy made sure they were adjusted properly and fitted to their liking. Anna just likes to sit on her Dora bike with her matching helmet and have everyone look at her. And I must say, she is awfully cute.

Let me tell you about the local resale shop in their town. Jules & I got a sack of shirts for 25 cents! I of course forgot to get mine out of the bag before we left her house...rats! Rand loved the thrift store because he swears all that stuff is from his childhood home...crack me up.

Jules planned a weenie roast birthday party at the state park for the twins. They had fun roasting their hot dogs with their friends and playing baseball. The cutest thing was the cake. It was a Jeff Gordon Nascar cake. David is the only one who likes Jeff Gordon though. So, Julie had to pick out another car on the toy aisle and stick it on the cake to make Daniel happy. It was cute and the best part is that they think their Aunt Abby made it! Oh, and I must not forget to mention the they had a baby alligator at their party. We got to pet it..."Shoot, you're kidding"...nope, it was for real.

I have posted a few picture's of Anna's birthday party and will have Julie post the one's from the boys party. I forgot to take my camera...not cool, I know! I am also posting a picture of Julie and Stephen from their ski trip last month. A hodge podge, but you will enjoy, I am sure.

That hat is too cute on her She is such a pretty birthday girl
The cutest, I did not make it :)
What cute ski bunnies



Anonymous said...

I know what fun we can have with our families. I am so glad that you all had such a good time together. I would have like to have seen you 4 playing that game.
The hat picture of Anna is cute. You did a good job on the hat.
Stay close to each other. You girls are the future family.