Monday, April 9, 2007

Isn't God Great To Give Us Children

I haven't bragged about my kids here yet, so let me take this opportunity to do so. My oldest is a 3rd grader and a handsome little thing. He is making all A's in school(except for a B in math that should be an A by now!) and playing hard on the baseball field as both a catcher and a pitcher. Not at the same time, as my Daddy likes to joke about!! He is learning responsibility by taking out the trash and cleaning his room and also by being a good big brother.

My next child is 5, very soon to be six. He is in kindergarten and making all S's and has recently had 3 stitches removed from his forehead after he ran into a door at the house. He was quite a trooper, I'm very proud of him. He is learning to read and wants to know what every word is that he can't sound out by himself.

My next child is 5, very soon to be six. Does that sound familiar? Oh the life of a twin! He is also in kindergarten and also making all S's. He loves to draw and make houses for his stuffed animals. He is more quiet about reading, but I think he will also love it. He is so cute, (as is his brother!HA!) and very loving.

My last child, ( and I should have said our instead of my in all of these descriptions, because I surely did not do all this by myself!) is a girl! Who will soon be 3. She is in the midst of being potty trained, we would love it if you would pray with us about this. She is lively, funny, cute, and at times hard-headed. For those of you who know Abby you will notice a similarity! She could be Abby's child! But she is mine and I love her, as I love all the others, with all my heart. Isn't God great to give us children to love, teach, nurture, and show them His love? I am so thankful to Him for giving me the family He has chosen to give me. At times I would like to run away, but I am always glad I never have. Deuteronomy 11:19 is my favorite, and my goal as a mother. Is it your goal as a mother?

Love ya'll,



Sisters said...

If Anna is anything like me it is because she is funny, cute and lively...the hard head comes from Stephen! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes children are the greatest things. I have 2 girls who are the neatest girls. They are beautiful, smart, inventive, beautiful, sweet, loving, beautiful, caring, Godly women, beautiful. of who i am most proud. I think they get their beauty from their mother.

Anonymous said...

of course i am the mother in the above comment

Anonymous said...

When I look at Anna Kathryn I see
Julia Kathryn at the same age.
Identical almost.
When I see David and Daniel I see
two of the finest looking young men God ever put on this earth.
When I see Samuel...I see Mickey
Mantle rounding the bases and headed for home. I see Pistol Pete
swishing the net. I see Matt Jones running to glory. Yes, my
oldest grandchild is everybody's
all american.
I love all four of them more than life itself.