Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Protecting Our Boys

As I think about the shooting at Virginia Tech Monday I have so many thoughts. Ever since the Jonesboro school shooting in 1998 I have thought and prayed about the protection of our boys. Not just my boys but all boys. Every school shooting has been enacted by a boy or young man. A boy that a mother loved, a boy whose mother kissed his scratched knees when he fell off of his bike. A boy whose mother smiled at her sons fascination with bugs, dirt, or sticks. I don't know what happened to these young men, except maybe they never heard the clear message that Jesus loves them. Maybe no one invited them to Sunday School or Vacation Bible School. Maybe they were overlooked by Christians. Maybe they didn't understand that Jesus died for them and their sins. That they could be free from their sin, they didn't have to feel in bondage to it. Let's remember to pray for our boys. Not only for their protection from evil events, such as school shootings but also protection from the evil one. Our boys are precious and hold great hope for the future of our country.


Anonymous said...

Being a mother sure makes you grow up fast doesn't it. And in these troubled times it makes it so much more troublesome. Thank heavens for prayer and the comfort of the Lord taking care of us.

lovey mama