Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Mister, Let Me Off This Ride!

Oh, I screamed that on a roller coaster with Sarah when I was a little girl and I feel like screaming it today. I am glad God feels it necessary to test me, but I am getting a little worn out. Job uncertainties, job possibilities, headache management, family planning, indecisive vacation planning, weight loss plateaus, car wrecks, and car purchasing. AHHHHHHH!!!! These are all things I am passionate about and they are all up in the air. I count it all Joy, yet I am a little frazzled by it all. My sister has told me often "He doesn't put more on us that we can bear" and she is so right about that. I found a few letters she has written me over the years last week in a photo box. So many of them recite that statement. For she and I have been through alot, both together and individually. Thank God for my Conan ( my pet name for Jules).

My Daddy just texted me and asked me how I feel today after my wreck and I just simply replied, "exhausted". I smiled after I sent it because it states my condition so well. Joyful but exhausted. God has a master plan and he is showing it to me by sending me on the roller coaster we call, life. Anyone humming that 4HIM song about right now? I am!
Thank you God, but you can let me off now if you want to :)

P.S. Anna told me "I love you LOTS and I have on pink sip-sops (flip-flops)" on the phone today and that really makes me appreciate the simple things in life more than I used to. Thank you for those 4 precious babies Jules....and especially Anna K as she truly is my child. Bless your heart...that is a giant all in itself!



kathy davis said...

Just remember you get stronger with tests. Just also remember that you will need to let go and not let yourself get sick or too upset over the tests. Then you can look back and see what God has done in your life and it will be all worth it. You will become one strong woman.
The ride will be worth it in the end. Believe me I have been on some wild rides.
I am proud of you and your undertakings. Just hang on the ride will get better soon.