Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Count It All Joy

For those who know the “real” me, you know how easily excited I am. The calmness in my soul lately is truly the work of the Lord. I love experiencing him shaping and molding me through all these uncertain possibilities on my horizon. Sometimes I think Randall thinks I have grown numb to it all because he can’t fathom why I am not on edge about everything before us, as it is my nature (He is slowly being convinced). I am finally in a place in my life where I am
honestly trusting God to take care of all things.
Scripture is coming alive to me like never before. Last night while lying in bed, I started reading Romans 12. (As my favorite verse is Romans 12:2) I was like a black man preaching at the Temple of Deliverance, proclaiming God’s word aloud in our bed! Randall was a good sport to sit through it as I am sure he was thinking, ”Could you not do this earlier in the day. Why do you wait until bed to get inspired?”
I think I am finally growing up, maturing and blossoming into the woman God intends for me to be. I love finally welcoming the trials and the bumps in the road because I know he is strengthening me to be still in his hands. Sure, I will always have learning and maturing to do through Him, yet right now I am experiencing it like no other time in my 28 years.
Wow, Thank you Jesus!
Please pray for us as we make decisions this next week that will affect our entire family. Pray that we can have clarity of mind and spirit. We only want God’s best and I pray that we can stay tuned in to his desire as we make these decisions. Yes, for some people this time would be a cakewalk but God makes us all so differently. We are at a turning point, a stepping-stone. Some of you are wondering, “What the heck is she talking about?” Well, as time progresses I will let you know. For right now, be a faithful friend and pray for us.
(Especially pray for “My Randall” as he will get the brunt of most of these decisions.)
I am finally joyful in all things and it is an amazing place to be…join me if you are not at the place in your life. Send me a message if you want to chat about it -
Count it all Joy,when you face trials of many kinds
(my sister’s favorite verse!)



Anonymous said...

You are becoming such a strong woman right before my eyes. I do thank God for giving me such a blessing in you. I will be anxious to hear how this new road leads you. I will help in anyway that I can.
love mama

Anonymous said...

Both of you have always been so dear to us. It is wonderful to read your blog. We pray for great things to happen in your lives and it is fun to see how your lives blossom.
love you, mamaw and ud