Monday, March 25, 2013

Double Delight

The boys pictured at the bottom of this post bring me so many smiles and much laughter. They will be 12 in a month. A month! One year away from teenagers! Help!!!

One of the boys is a pessimist, a glass half-empty kind of guy. At times I feel like he just endures us. The other one is an optimist, a full glass kind of guy. I'm pretty sure he believes there could be a party at any time, and he will most certainly want to be there!

To have such different personalities, their interests are the same. They both enjoy reading, watching movies, playing Wii games, and having air soft wars. The funniest thing is that when they have friends over for more than a couple of hours I'll look for them and find them on their beds reading. The friend is somewhere in the house or outside entertaining himself. It seems that they need a moment or two of quiet and solitude before they play again. It's like a mini siesta!

They are rarely separated. They have the same friends, and the same interests, they don't see the need to be away from each other. The funny thing is that they will come to me telling me about something that happened, and because of their personality differences they tell it in completely different ways!

What one found to be cynical, the other found as informative. When one finds someone or something funny, the other might find it offensive.

These boys have brought such joy to our lives. I will forever thank God for not listening to me when I told Him I couldn't be a mom to twins. I am, I can, and I'm proud to be!