Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's Easter Time

Henry keeps asking, "Is it Easter time?" and we keep assuring him that it is indeed!

We made some cheese cracker carrots  to give to some special bunnies this Easter week. It was so easy, inexpensive and super cute. I recommend it if you are looking for a little happy to make this week.

We have also packaged up some jelly bean bark. I used almond bark and Starburst jelly beans. Those jelly beans are addictive so I was glad to get them melted into something besides my mouth! I am excited to pass these out to some of my little chicks this week.

We visited Lifeway last week and bought these things to celebrate Easter with our little mister. The Resurrection Eggs are precious and he loves to open each one and tell us what they mean. The sticker book is a little too old for him, but it is fun to use the stickers with the story. The Story of Easter book is perfect for his age and explains Easter as God showing His love to us. It is perfect for him to comprehend. When we ask him what Easter is about he says, "Jesus, cake and families!" I have no idea where the cake and families comes from, but sort of is, so we go with it.

I thought his photo was sweet of Henry and Randall's grandmother. She is in a rehab/nursing care facility after a hard month with lots of health issues. Henry has visited her several times now and is getting used to the situation. This time he just got up in the bed with the phone and showed her all his games. It was sweet and it made her laugh. I love laughter. Please pray for her healing to improve and for guidance with her care.

So, this is how we are dressed to start Easter week....ready for Winter again and we are not happy about it, as you can see!