Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bunny Boy

I got my camera out last week while it felt like spring and took some photos of Henry in his Easter outfit. He was such a good sport.

Henry holding a Jonquil in our flowerbed ("What the h*&& is a jonquil" - mama, daddy and julie, are you laughing??!! Rest ole Harold's funny soul.). I love how God allows them to bloom way ahead of the other flowers. It gives us a little taste, hope and joy of spring before the rest of the earth is ready.

This tulip tree in our yard is always so pretty to see in full bloom. I did not ask Henry to pose his leg in this photo, just his arm. It cracked me up to see his leg. He is learning to pose for mama...bless his heart! He will pay me back later in life. I am sure of it.

I am in love with this photo. This is truly my Henry. Smiling, silly, and full of life. He did not pose for this one either. I just happened to snap the camera while he was giggling about the eggs. Nothing makes me happier than this smile. I pray that smile never fades from his precious face.

Henry does not like the Easter Bunny and does not want him in our house, but wants a basket from him. He has decided he wants his basket delivered to the porch. So, we will make sure of it, of course! I am so glad I have snapped these pictures of him in his Easter outfit so I will not have to mess with it on Easter morning.