Friday, March 15, 2013

Friendly Frolics

This week I had the pleasure of getting face to face with a childhood friend of mine right in my very own home. That is rare for me and I loved it. Terri was in town for work and came over for pizza and conversation...and playdough, and fire trucks and Daniel Tiger's neighborhood...etc. Henry and I had fun entertaining her and catching up. She and I grew up in church together and I was a bridesmaid in her wedding. There is nothing like a friend who knows what has molded you into who you are as an adult. I don't have have the luxury of being around friends like that much because of where I live and not going back home that often. It was great to talk about Jojo Skutt The Wonder Mutt and things such as that, and having to explain nothing. Silver friends really outweigh the gold most of the time, truth be told.

Henry and I have had a lot of mama/son time this week with Randall being in LA, AL and MS planting corn. It has been nice enough to play and frolic outside after school this week. I am so grateful for the sunshine and fresh air, and I know Henry is also. I love spring and all that comes with it. We put all of our snowmen in the attic and brought out the bunnies this week. I am so excited about Easter and celebrating our Risen Savior.

I thought I would share some fabulous photography for a cause. Click here to go to our cousin Sarah's Etsy shop. She is raising money through her talents to help find a cure for MS. The disease she wakes up with every morning. It doesn't define her though...her many talents do. Go check it out!