Saturday, March 9, 2013

Little Big Fun

Every night after bath we are greeted with Woody from Toy Story, a duck, a fish or this little green monster. It is always exciting to see what will appear running around the house before PJ time. The simple things in life....I love it.

The things that evoke happiness and squeals never cease to amaze me at this house. Swinging upside down is always a favorite. I love that Randall plays with Henry like he does. He and Henry are best buds. I am thankful for a husband who is a hands on daddy and adores his boy.

Easy afternoons at home are more abundant these days, thankfully. On this particular day I was having Henry try on all his new spring/summer clothes I have purchased. He was quite fond of the khaki shorts and decided to just play in them afterwards. He added the hat and made his own little "outfit" he was most proud of. I love my fashion forward fella!

Henry has no desire to pedal and has this super fun Mickey Mouse bike. Nana and Papa got it for him Christmas 2011. He has had it for over a year and throws a fit when we approach him about pedaling. We have a cute 10 year old boy down the street that Henry adores. We have recently told him that he can ride his bike to see him when it warms up outside if he will learn how to pedal. I am hoping this is the ticket to get him to try, in the meantime, Randall does some of his old BMX tricks on it. Poor Mickey. We play in the garage at night sometimes to pass the time on these cold winter nights. We are so ready to play outside again!

We are gearing up for planting season at our house. Randall got a new air bag in the mail today for his planter. It smells like new tires. Henry loves the smell of tires, so we found him sniffing it in in the den. That boy is a mess! Whenever we go to Sam's Randall takes him to the tire area and lets him smell them. It is odd, but it is harmless and it evokes happiness in our little tire lover. The little things make for big fun at our house.