Monday, March 18, 2013

A Delta Update

Delta Baptist Church is doing good. We are having weekly services and have between 14 and 28 in attendance. The services are mainly for our core group, the group of people that are helping us to start the church. We have invited a few others to come, but until we find a permanent place to meet and have more of what we need in place, we'll wait to invite others.

We are meeting new people, seeing the needs that need to be met, and praying for what part Delta will play in these things. We are excited about what God is going to do!

I know some of you that read this are people of prayer and faith. I'm going to list a few things that could use your prayer.

...A place to meet for services ( a building of our own, or one that we can use on Sundays)

...More churches and people to help support Delta financially until it can support itself.

...Churches and people to support Delta with prayer. We know God hears the prayers of His people.

...Mission groups to come help us this summer.

...Committed people to join our core team , musicians & those that love children.

...Pray for the protection of not only my family, but also the families of our core team members.

Thanks for your prayers. If your church has a prayer list, we would love you to add our name to the list.