Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Life Happens

It's been a while since I've written anything. Do I start every post with that sentence?

I was writing a post last Monday, and it was a good one. (Believe it or not!) And right in the middle of it, right when it was getting good, life happened.

Not like red kool-aid spilled over my entire (en-tire) white formica circa 1971 countertops life happened. That happened today. After I poured almost a whole can of Comet on it and it didn't get the red stain off, I sprayed bleach and voila! I had white countertops again.

No, like real life happened. I don't ever want to sound overly dramatic here or anywhere really. But sometimes when i'm talking to mom or Abby I know I sound like a drama queen. Be glad you aren't privy to those conversations! And be even more glad, that I don't share such drama here.

The Beavers' family is doing good. The devil is alive and well in Pine Bluff and we aren't immune to his bad deeds, neither are those closest to us. But God is good and a protector and provider and we are safe in His arms.