Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes

Friday was family day for the Beavers family. As church planters with the Southern Baptist Convention we receive money from the North American Mission Board(NAMB), if you give to Annie Armstrong and Dixie Jackson offerings through your local Southern Baptist church you are supporting church planters like us. As a gift to us, NAMB sent us a gift card to use for family fun. We knew we could use it to pay a bill, but we did what they requested and headed to Playtime Pizza.

Playtime Pizza is like Chuck E. Cheese on steroids, and we enjoy it a lot. The kids had fun, Stephen and I had fun, it was money well spent. We want to say Thank you!

After family fun time, we went to buy shoes. This sadly wasn't funded by our giftcard (Playtime Pizza took all of that!). We chose to go to Academy Sports, we love that store! David and Daniel got new tennis shoes. There are so many friends of ours that can only tell them apart by their shoes. So, today I put an fyi on Facebook to alert everyone that they had new ones. The comments were so funny!

The biggest news of the shoe shopping experiencee was Anna's shoes. She had to get a size 8! She's only 8! I wear an 8! At this rate, she'll have to wear clown shoes with her wedding dress!
She is a 7 or a 71/2 in most shoes, but Mamaw brought her some shoes when she was here that are 8's and they fit Anna. No play shoes for her!

Wear did those cute little feet go? I believe what I was told a few years ago. The days go by slowly, but the years go by fast. It is so true.