Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving (with pictures)

We spent Thanksgiving weekend at Silver Dollar City in Branson. The entire park is lit up and decorated for Christmas.

One of our favorite parts of SDC at this time of year is the train ride. During the rest of the year, the train stops 1/2 way through and "robbers" rob the train. But during Christmas, this man tells the REAL Christmas story. He even pauses and gives the people time to pray. Awesome!

 This is David and Daniel at their best. The train ride had a 40 minute wait (and that was at its shortest), so they got a little silly. I love it!
Friday, Stephen, Daniel, David and Anna, went down into Marvel Cave. Samuel and I walked around the park. It was such a fun time with him. I don't get much one on one time with Samuel anymore, so this was an hour I treasured. We laughed and had a good time!

Thanks for waiting around for my pics! Love ya'll!