Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stephen Update

Friday was Stephen's last day at Wings To Go. Instead of saying that he was quiting, he called it retirement. I guess he doesn't want to return to the restaurant/cooking business. This was the fortune in my fortune cookie at lunch on Friday. How appropriate!

We are so grateful for Wings To Go. This job was an answer to prayer. I know i've told the story here before but let me tell you again.
One of the local pastors, in a deacons prayer meeting, asked for prayer for Stephen as he looked for a job. A couple of days later one of the deacons called the pastor and said he had a job for Stephen. WOW! The restaurant business wasn't anything Stephen had ever worked in, but Wade gave him a managerial position. God is so super good!

Stephen is now doing music at another church in town and teaching a Sunday School class. This will take the place, financially, of the restaurant. YAY!!!!

So there's an update on Stephen. I think I'm caught up on the family. Now, back on to other things!