Thursday, November 29, 2012

Not just for Squirrels

Since I share so much about my life on this blog, I decided to tell you one of my quirks. It's odd, but brings me so much joy.

I love to step on acorns.

See I told you. Odd. The tree in our front yard is huge and just full of little acorns. I've been happy all fall! I enjoy walking to the mailbox just so I can step on them. My friend Nomi knows of my great love and brought me a basket full of them. She gave them to me quite a while ago, the basket was about full, I've stepped on most of them! I love to hear the crunch under my feet.

I try not to think about the squirrels that aren't able to use them to store up for the winter. I don't see many skinny squirrels, so I think they are making out just fine despite the shortage of whole acorns in my yard!

So, do you have any quirks? Do you like to step on acorns? Please tell!!



Anonymous said...

I have several quirks, thank you.
But, I shall keep them private and not share them. (Yo Daddy)