Thursday, November 15, 2012

Catch up

We went to a Fall Festival at church for Halloween. It was a fun time for everyone. They had lots of games, prizes, hot dogs and even caramel apples! I just took a picture of these three because Samuel didn't dress up. I don't blame him!
Anna wore my cheerleading uniform from my 9th grade year at Kimmons Jr. High. Go Raiders! David went as Daniel and Daniel went as David. We had the most fun with it. They wore each other's clothes, shoes and even styled their hair like the other one. I stayed confused most of the night!

I mentioned the other day that Samuel is playing basketball. David and Daniel are also playing and Stephen is the assistant coach.
When I noticed all my boys were sitting on the bench at the same time I had to take a picture. I mean, how cute is that? Daniel had hurt his foot and wasn't playing in that game, Samuel was actually wearing Daniel's game shorts because I had ordered too big of a size for Sam. If he had worn his own, he would have had a wardrobe malfunction on the court. We lost that game pretty bad, but we've played better since then. Thank heavens!!

Ok, so I think I've caught up on phone pictures. Back to regular blogging!



Kelley said...

Precious pictures Julie! Your kiddos are growing up so fast! I really noticed it in the picture of Anna! Beautiful children!