Thursday, November 1, 2012

Giddy Up

Our little cowboy was ready to giddy up on Halloween. We ate a festive supper with friends and trick or treated with them.

We decorated our wagon for our recouping little horse to ride in. He is still not 100% from his surgery, but we are getting closer every day, thankfully.

Henry loved trick or treating. He would walk up to the doors and say "trick or treat" and then say "Thank you". He was the cutest cowboy I ever saw!

After we trick or treated with our friends we headed to our little street and pulled our tired cowboy in the lawn wagon. We did the same thing last year and he loved it. He scored so much candy. Please come over and eat some with us?!

Randall and I went as something...not sure what. He says "white trash" and I sort of agree. I sported my wig and he sported a mustache from a Halloween goodie bag I received at work. It was hilarious.

Henry and his little buddies enjoyed passing out candy as much as they did receiving it. It is truly better to give than to receive. I loved watching them sit and serve. It was so cute.

I made "Henry's Boo Pops" for his class treats and cupcakes for his class party and then another dozen for our Halloween supper with friends. I was busy in the kitchen, but loved it . I made mummy dogs also. They were super cute.

Halloween with a kiddo is great fun. I love being a mama on Halloween. I see nothing wrong with celebrating it with fun costumes and happy decor. We don't do the scary stuff and see nothing demonic about it. I hope you also had a fun time celebrating the fun... and seriously, come eat some of this candy on my kitchen counter!


Kelley said...

He is the sweet cowboy I ever did see!

Kelley said...