Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas is Rolling In

This picture is not the best, but it is priceless to me. This was Henry's first reaction to our den Christmas tree the night before Thanksgiving. He had not seen it turned on until then. He was in awe. He pointed to Mickey Mouse, the photos of us, etc and would say "look Daddy!". It was precious. I love the innocence.

Black Friday afternoon I rolled back into town and the first thing we did was make this gingerbread train. Randall said he had been asking for it all day and they had it laid out waiting on me. We turned on Christmas music and put on our hats and got busy.

 Henry was excited about all the candy in the box but did not participate in the making of it too much. He ended up eating Christmas colored Goldfish while I made our train.

It is an act of love, that is for sure. The reaction from Henry was worth all the green fingernail beds and sticky hands. We have it displayed on our kitchen counter. He checks on it often.

 Henry also checks on the Christmas tree in the den often. He will just sit on the hearth and stare at it or stand in front of it with his hands behind his back. He has not touched it yet, thankfully. I decorated it in the middle of the night last week while he was asleep. We have a "no touch" rule...not even Randall nor myself are allowed to touch it in front of him. It is working so far...so good! I just love Christmas with a child in the house. It has all new meaning. I look forward to all the fun this season has in store for us.



Kelley said...

Your tree is beautiful! Love your train.