Thursday, August 23, 2012

Too Cool For School

"Preschool is cool" is what Henry  is sporting on his shirt at breakfast Monday morning. He was wanting to wear his sunglasses too. I thought it was most fitting. His future is so bright he has to wear shades - ha! Henry started in the preschool class at the end of May, but in honor of the first day of school in our area, I had him wear this to school Monday. His teacher loved it!
 He is learning so much. He knows about outer space and how to cut with scissors...all this was learned just last week. It is amazing how much he knows. You can see the little scabs on his cheek in this photo. That is from being scratched at a girl. With all this learning, comes life lessons. It can make me so mad at times, but it is life  and he has to learn at some point. As of right now Henry doesn't retaliate. I hope he remains calm, stands up for himself nicely and knows to use his "soft hands".
Preschool is an interesting age and a precious one at that. We are blessed to have him in a great school. I was thinking about kindergarten while driving him to preschool Monday morning and I honestly teared up. I can't stand to think what I will be like that day, 3 years from now...3 years. Calm down, Abby Jo!