Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Scrubbing Away Summer

 Somebody has been watching his daddy! Henry saw his daddy washing my truck and decided his car needed a scrubbing. Randall ran in the house to get me and my camera. It was priceless.

 Randall said Henry just took it upon himself to scrub high and low. He looked just like Randall out there. It was precious. I can't wait to use these photos on his 16th birthday!

Sunday was our last time to wear this cute little Ragsland madras patchwork outfit. I have loved seeing him in it all summer and realized I had no photos of it. I made him pose for several for me. He was a fairly good sport. He looks so big, and he really is. Henry Patton is becoming a little boy overnight.

Summer is almost over and it feels like it just started in a lot of ways. We are so ready for the fun that comes with fall, yet I will miss the simplicity of summer. I just today in the mail had invitations to 3 things in September....bring on the booked calendar. That is one thing I have a real love-hate relationship with when it comes to fall. Oh well, being busy keeps me out of trouble, I reckon! So thankful for a changing season though. I  love how God does that for us. It is always in perfect timing.



Kelley said...

He looks so cute in that outfit! How fun for him to wash his car!