Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rocking n' Running With The King

I decided late Friday night to run the Elvis 5K at Graceland. It is the 35th anniversary of his death this week. If you have ever lived in Memphis or if you are a diehard Elvis fan you know that it is big deal and all the crazies come out to weep and celebrate. I ran this race 5 years ago when I was still living there and loved it, so when my daddy called me last night and mentioned it was this morning and he was going, I knew I had to do it!

Luckily we had no plans for today and my hunky hubs is used to my spur of the moment ideas. We left the house at 5:30 this morning and headed for Graceland. Poor Henry was not happy to wake up that early and head out, but he perked up pretty quick. I was there and registered by 7. We were able to walk up to the house and around the grave for a little while. We have seen it a gillion times, but it is always fun to see it again and watch people's reactions. People still shouldn't make me laugh, but it does.

I ran the 5K and came in 4 minutes later than I did 5 years ago. 20 more pounds on me and well into my 30's now...not too shabby, I say! I ran through the finish line to my daddy waving me in. I love that man. I started the race too fast and had to walk more than I planned on. I finished strong though. It took me about 2 miles to get my mind right and remember all my pacing tricks from my running days. I am hooked again. I loved it and am ready to do more this fall.

5 years ago I beat this man and I beat him again this time. There is no reason for me to beat this lean machine. How do I beat him? Here's how...he stops and visits with the locals on the route...that's how! It is hilarious. He is like the mayor of the race route. The route is through the neighborhood behind Graceland. John is one of my daddy's oldest and bestest friends. They grew up together right down the road from Graceland. John coached at Graceland and several other schools. He was coaching at Graceland when Elvis died. He has some great stories of that day.
John is also an award winning pole vaulter. He has competed forever. I remember when I was growing up in Fort Smith he would come stay with us while on the way to competitions. His poles were always mounted to the top of his pickup truck. It was a conversation piece for sure! He is a character and a great friend to our family.

While I was running Henry was scoring a tour of the fire truck with his daddy and Coco. He had a big time looking at it and the Lisa Marie (the airplane).

Grandaddy and Coco love Elvis week. They even went back to watch the Elvis amature impersonators on stage after the race. I had to have daddy assure me he was not going to perform. He loves to sing Amazing Grace to the tune of Ghost Riders In The Sky in an Elvis voice. It is not stage worthy.

Elvis is alive. He even ran in the race! Seriously, Elvis is more famous dead than he was alive. It is unreal and pretty cool. I am not a huge Elvis fan, but I love the local history of it all and how so many I know and love have real life, everyday Elvis stories. I am so glad my boys and I got up and soaked up some Elvis fun.

After the race we cleaned up at Grandaddy and Coco's and then my boys and I headed out to see our favorite midsouth cousins and eat at the Commissary in Germantown. It is the best BBQ in Memphis. Randall and I always loved it when we lived there and eat there alot when we run over to shop and such.
If you have followed our blog very long you know this is Claire in the photo with Henry. She is our cousin Hollye's daughter and she is the same age as David and Daniel. Can you believe she is starting middle school on Monday?! Where does the time go? I remember her first day of kindergarten like it was last year. She is a beautiful young lady and we are so excited about her new stage in life. Henry and Claire were the cutest at the Commissary!It was a great day. I loved the spontaneity of it and being able to see some of my favorite folks.



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