Thursday, August 2, 2012

Our Girl

Anna got to spend the afternoon with her Marmie getting her nails done, eating out and birthday shopping for her mama (Julie's birthday is next week).  Anna is in Fort Smith this week visiting grandparents. She picked out a glittery color but the nail tech decided to give her flowers without telling her. Anna didn't mind! Mama said the tech also proceeded to give Anna a personal little history lesson on the Vietnam war. Our little sis may have nightmares tonight, but at least her nails will look good!

Anna is such a pretty girl and such a gentle blessing to our crew of boys. She and her Marmie have a neat little bond. Marmie spoils her rotten. It is true that your parents become mush when they turn into grandparents. Our mother is proof. She would have NEVER taken off work early to take us to get our nails done...just sayin, Kathy!

Here are the pretty girls showing off their fancy nails. Mama texted us this photo this afternoon. It made my day and I know it made Julie's also. Julie is busy moving her family into another house this week. The twins are at church camp having a big time and Samuel is helping his mama move while his daddy works during the day. They are a busy bunch! Pray for Julie to find comfort in this house they will live in for a while. She is a pro at making a house a home for her family. I know she wishes she was getting her nails done today and not hammering nails in the wall hanging photos! Anna is one loved little girl with pretty nails tonight thanks to her fun-loving Marmie.