Monday, August 20, 2012

My Driver

Samuel studied and passed his written driver's test at the first of the summer. He had 30 days to practice driving and then take the driving part of the test. Well, we waited longer than 30 days but he finally got to take the test. The first picture is of him waiting in the van to take the test. All the drivers had to sit in their cars and wait for the instructor. I'm glad it wasn't a hot day! He waited patiently by reading his Bible and chatting with David and me from a distance. There were 5 students ahead of him and 3 of them failed. It was a bit nerve-wracking!!
 We had to go that day to get his official permit. Standing beside him at the revenue office brought many laughs, and a few poignant moments. Isn't he just the cutest thing?
Up until now he has just had a paper permit, so this is the real deal! When the lady told him that this one was only good until Oct. of 2013 when he turned 16, I had a moment of confusion. How could this child be 16 next year???
We have difficult times. Difficult times. But I'm praying that I can remember the good times, the helpful times, the funny times more than the difficult times.



Sisters said...

He is so STINKIN cute!!!
Aunt Abby