Friday, August 31, 2012

A Day in the Life

 This is the way we are doing school today. Thank heavens for recliners!

Relaxed, and inside!

Because Isaac decided to pay Pine Bluff a visit. It started raining about 22 hours ago and hasn't quit yet. The streets are flooded around town and sandbags are out. Our house is just fine, but I do worry about our storage unit. Why must storage units be in low lying areas of town?

Stephen left for work this morning and called just a couple of minutes down the road telling me to not get out in this mess. No problem here! I'm making yummy homemade fried rice for lunch, we have plenty of movies to curl up on the couch and watch, we will be just fine inside!

Isaac. The only Isaac I know is the bartender on The Love Boat. So, I guess that means I don't really know any Isaac's. Do you?



Kelley said...

Glad you guys are safe and sound! We needed rain so bad in my area of the state. It hasn't been too bad here.