Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Tunes

We like music at our house. We are not real musically inclined, but we love it none the less. Henry loves playing music on his little instruments and singing at the top of his lungs all the time. I hope he continues to take an interest in it as he gets older. He always has a song in his heart. I love that about my sweet boy. It is my mission to only play uplifting music in the car because he is such a musical sponge. Here are some of our favorites this week. It changes weekly at our house...we have short attention spans.

 I am loving jamming out to this song while driving around town. What truth it speaks and it has such a catchy tune.

What a great reminder that we may feel like we will bust in two sometimes, but He won't let us. How does anyone live this roller coaster ride of life without Jesus?!

 Have fun listening to my musical picks for Thursday!