Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Thanks to Pinterest I have a post for today. I am in a witty mood and have little to post about today. So, here we have it:

This is so true. I am Abby and I am a Diet Cokeaholic.

This makes me laugh and there is really no need to leave me comments about it...I know, I know. But you know...

I need this on my my email signature. I apologize for my misuse of grammar for past and all future posts, emails and Facebook updates. I was an English scholar back in the day. That day is gone.

This makes me laugh outloud because it hits real close (Love ya, Mama!)

You know it! Everyday. Every stinkin day I am Snufflin like a rock star!

And can I get an AMEN!! There is not enough Germ-X to get us to Spring.