Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Party Time

It is party time at our house. We have birthdays galore in the next few weeks and fun holiday celebrations. It is a busy, fun time and this little mama is excited!

Today is my hunky husband's birthday. He is 35 and alive! Henry and I are so proud we get to celebrate him all day long! We are so blessed to have him for another year :)

Our sweet little Piper Jo had her 2nd birthday this past weekend. She is Henry's best girl.

I love these two precious pups. Henry loved being the only boy at her party!

This week we had Henry's Thanksgiving feast at school. He ate 3 helpings of mashed "taters" and would have eaten more if he could have. He loves a tater.

He also loves Piper. Oh my...those two!

Their reactions are priceless. I have to remind him Piper's Daddy is "the law" and wears a gun. Oh, Henry!

Here's to a week of eating and celebrating!


Anonymous said...

That's HILARIOUS...the picture of Henry and Piper kissing. They are too cute. Love Henry's shirt!!! Tell Randall Happy birthday from the Southerland gang:)

Kelley said...

Aww! I love the pictures. Henry is a doll!