Thursday, November 17, 2011

We're Ballin'

I don't think I've told you that Samuel and Daniel are playing basketball for a homeschool co-op in Pine Bluff.

We have friends that use the co-op and they asked if Samuel would like to play basketball for their junior high team. Well of course he wanted to. I had just told Stephen that we had to get that boy in some kind of competitive sport with a ball or he was going to go crazy ( or maybe I was going to go crazy!) He was carrying a ball with him everywhere he went just aching to throw it, shoot it or hit it.

The team practices every Tuesday and Thursday in Pine Bluff. Practice was going good for a couple of days and then they realized they didn't have many players and asked if the twins would like to play.

So, Daniel, my 10 year old, is playing for the jr. high team. It isn't ideal for him or the team, but he is able to let some of the players rest a bit. We have played six games and have lost them all. But we lose with great spirit! One game ended in a tie and went into overtime. It was the best game! It was such fun to watch Samuel play. I think he forgets at times that it isn't football, man that boy can wrestle with the best of them!

Daniel scored his first basket Tuesday night. I was so proud. I yelled his name and he looked at me and shrugged his shoulders like "I don't know, it just went in!" It was sweet, and just like him.

We have eight games left. We are hoping to win one of them. Our hopes aren't high, just realistic!
Go Eagles!!

PS. If you think of it, would you please pray for the Beavers 6? We would covet your prayers during this time. I'll share with you what is happening when the timing is better. I just didn't want to let the opportunity of blog readers praying for us to pass by. Thank you so much!