Friday, November 4, 2011

Food Friday

Do you love deer chili? I do. Since my hunky hunter likes to shoot ducks more than deer, his fun-loving Uncle Tim scored me a deer. We gave him 2000 pounds of corn and in return he was to get me a deer. I texted him last weekend and asked, "you killing my deer, boy?". He responded, "I am working on it, dear!" So, this week I got the text that said, "I got your deer, woman". I love that man. He had it processed and ground up for me. Now I just have to go get it and we will have chili at our house!

I cannot wait to make these. Don't they look so fun? Henry LOVES a mini Nutter Butter. When he says "cookie"this is what he wants. Don't give him a mini Oreo, Chips Ahoy or Ritz pb cracker...the boy knows! think I will make these for him this month. Maybe take them to Texas for Thanksgiving?!

This is a photo off of the internet. But honestly, doesn't everyone's muffin pan look like this?! Anyway, I like the idea of throwing some jiffy corn muffin mix in and putting half of a hot dog on top and baking it. You then have a corn dog muffin! A fun meal for the kiddos.

I also got this photo and idea from the internet. I am trying this next week. Easy and will be a winner with my boys. They love pepperoni, cheese and crescents. I am all about easy these days...but easy must also be tasty!

Another photo from Henry's Halloween pajama party at school. He loved those cheese puffs. He is a mess in more ways than one! I love that sweet little foodie of mine.

Happy Food Friday!


Kelley said...

Those are great ideas! I'll have to try them. Love Henry's outfit!