Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Turkey Times

My boys and I loaded up last Wednesday and headed west to the Lone Star state to have Thanksgiving at my grandparents. There were 25 of us. It was great fun.

Marmie (my mama) loved having us there. We had not been in 5 years. Here she is stealing some love from H while he was still pacified by his DVD player. He is so rotten. How did we ever live without DVD players in the backseat?! He never cried on the 6 hour trip because of the Veggie Tales on DVD. It was fun for a while until Randall and I started talking in Veggie Tale accents to one another.

I love my Betty Jo. We staged the picture with the ham and I threw my arm up on my hip for the shot. She is too cute and fun. I wish she lived next door to me. I really, really do! I am always amazed at how the meal is perfectly displayed, warm and delicious, and there is always enough for our large group. I hope I have her genes. I like to think I do.

Thanksgiving with my favorite boys! Can I just say I wish I was half the mom that Randall is! I remember Julie saying that about Stephen when hers were little. I now know exactly what she meant. He rocks at his daddy job.

Randall loves my Mawmaw. He needed a grandma like her. I am so glad he got her! He was helping with the trash and had lots of help from Uncle Windle and Aunt Suzy. We are a hugging, kissing, praising bunch. I think he sometimes wants to gag, but I think deep down he truly loves it! I know I do.

This is priceless and needs no caption. Molly is my cousin Sarah's youngest child.

Molly and Henry ran up and down the hall and stairs, over and over again. I am sure everyone was glad to see us leave. Henry brought out the wild side in sweet little Molly. He is ALL boy!

Times with these two are never long enough. I could soak them up for days on end. My Mawmaw and her sister, Suzy are the best textbook on life a girl could have. There is a photo my mother has from Thanksgiving 1977 (the year before I was born) with these two that is a lot like this one, but Granny is in that one. I like to think she is in this one too!

Saying a special thanks to our Deliverer and Comforter this Thanksgiving with my cousin, Sa. Isn't she beautiful in that orange?! I have a beautiful family, that is for sure!

Giving Thanks for all our blessings would take a lifetime. We are a blessed little trio!