Tuesday, November 8, 2011


The other night the kids and I were watching a replay of the 1978 Orange Bowl where Arkansas beat Oklahoma. They laughed at the lack of camera angles and kept asking what the score was and why it wasn't in a box at the top of the screen. I told them I had watched that game that night and that just confirmed in their minds that I am ancient, my days are short my friends.

I told them I remembered it because something really wonderful happened that night. My Grandaddy was a preacher and for some reason had a Living Bible laying on top of his tv.

Do you remember this Bible? It was hardback, yet had a soft green cover. Strange. Anyway. I noticed that it said Living Bible on it and I asked Grandaddy if I read it did that mean I would live forever. He said, with a smile on his face (a smile that I miss), that if I read it and believed it then yes, I would live forever!

I didn't understand the concept of eternity in Heaven but I did get the concept of the Bible, believing, and a forever life. It was the beginning of my conversion experience.

I love that memory. Salvation and a Hogs win, what more could you ask for!