Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trunk Or Treat Fun

We participated in trunk or treat at our Church's Fall Festival. It was great fun to prepare for it, but when I got there the wind was insane, so I had failed execution and found myself just sticking stuff where it would stay put. It sort of looked like Halloween threw up in the back of my ride...but it was all good!

My little family was excited about our first trunk or treat with our new church family. Our duck was a he always is. It is almost embarrassing how they make over him at our church. I pray he is humble. I seriously pray for humility for him. It worries me!

The handsome little duck sat in the back and watched all the kids trunk or treat while sucking on his sucker. He would occasionally belt out "I'm a duck!" and they would laugh at him. Henry is a mess!

Our pastor, Bro. Stan is smitten with Henry and loves talking agriculture with Randall. He tried to get Henry to ride his pony but Henry would have none of it. He smiled and said "NO!" but missed the "sir" part....we have to work on that!

Being parents has brought a whole new meaning to Halloween and fall festival fun. We are loving all the candy we have in the house now and the fun that comes with all these festive outings with our little guy. What a blessing to be able to have fun and enjoy the simple things in life.



Kelley said...

I love the duck costume! So precious! It looks like you had an awesome time!