Saturday, October 29, 2011

Harvest Party Fun

We partied it up at Henry's school Friday afternoon. It was his harvest party and the last day of spirit week. It was PJ day...just so you know when you look at these pictures. He was such a cutie in his monster pj's.

Henry loved his juice box. He had all these fun sweet treats on his plate and he went bonkers over the juice box. I love my sweet boy!

Treat time is something at his school. I forget how fancy some of the mothers can be. I must say my treat sacks were the saddest of the bunch. And if you know me, you know how sad that made me. Seriously, I am already preparing Christmas goodie sacks in my mind...hmmmm.

I love his excited face. He was elated about the Mickey Mouse "Hot dog" coloring book he got from his best girl, Piper.

Piper was giddy about her Mama being at her party. She is so cute in her Dora pjs.

My favorite memento from the party was the sheet they sent home from art time today. Henry colored his safety sheet for trick or treating. It made me laugh. I love having a toddler and harvest time fun makes it even sweeter.