Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bosom Buddies

I just love this song. It makes me cry when I listen to it. Always has, always will. It reminds me of my bestest friend in the whole wide world and the bond we share. We were inseparable growing up and in college. Where she was, I was and vice versa. We were rarely apart. I love that girl with a fierce love that cannot be explained with words. She is the truest friend I have on this earth and I could never thank God enough for the meaningful and funny memories we share. Moving away from her 10 years ago to start a new direction in life was tough stuff. I love that our bond has not changed through the course of time and I trust it never will. We are stuck like crazy glue!

Melissa and I met in Little Rock this past weekend and had a fun sleepover, eating frenzy and shopping fest. We never do anything like this anymore and I thought it was high time to kick the fun into gear. She is a mama to 3 precious boys and with me having Henry and living in a different town we don't make time for each other like we should. We had loads of fun, laughed, ate sinfully, bought cute stuff and got to look at each other in the eye without any little boys begging for our attention. It was great! We decided to do it again in the Spring and make it a tradition twice a year. Thanks to Sam and Randall for allowing us to blow money and have fun. I know they also had fun sending the boys off to Nana's and Nonnie's for the night. We all had a great time, needless to say.