Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Prayers and Missing Teeth

About three weeks ago I looked at Anna at church and noticed that her two front permanent bottom teeth were right behind her front baby teeth. Her baby teeth were not loose at all.

Not for lack of wiggling. We have been trying to lose teeth for a while now, but to no avail. So when I saw that the permanent teeth were moving in whether the baby ones were ready to leave or not I called the dentist.

Yesterday we headed to the dentist. I didn't know if they would pull them or wait until another time. Once they looked at them they decided to pull them. Poor little girl. They didn't tell her. All they said was that it was going to hurt a bit. Poor baby. I could hear her cries from the waiting room.

I texted a few people and asked them to pray right then! It's great to know that I have friends that will pray right when I ask. Even more great to know that God hears those prayers. I calmed down, and so did she.

The next time I saw her she looked like this.
Still just as pretty without her teeth as she was with them.

Her permanent teeth are there and just need a little pushing to get put in the right place. ( I write that as if it is something I can do without gagging. It isn't. Her daddy is going to have to do the pushing!)

The Tooth Fairy came to Anna's room last night for the very first time! Anna left her a note thanking her for the money she was going to give her. How sweet is that?! The Tooth Fairy of course left her a note too.

I love that girl!



Haleh Ashkevari said...

I know it’s a bit late, but you made a good decision to have Anna’s teeth pulled by the dentist. It won’t be as good if you just waited for her baby teeth to fall, especially if it could lead to cavities and whatnot. Anyway, the position of her permanent teeth might be a thing to look into. You should get it checked by the dentist, and see if it can be nudged in the right direction while it is still early.

Haleh Ashkevari

Sharon Woods said...

As much as it breaks your heart to see her hurt, it’s better to have those teeth pulled before they could do more damage to her gums and other teeth. At least she has one very generous tooth fairy, as well as friends and people who supported both of you in this. I hope she is doing well now!

Sharon Woods @ Falls Park Dentistry

Rudy Spencer said...

Wow, it looks like she has one sweet, caring, and generous tooth-fairy! That’s good for her. It seems she’ll need something like that, if she’s gonna go under some treatment that will correct the alignment of her front teeth. I wish you all the best for that!

Rudy Spencer @ LBDP