Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm Such a Good Mom

A couple of days before we went on vacation (a month ago) David began complaining about his ears hurting. I promptly called the doctor and got him some ear drops. I'm such a good mom! Daniel had an ear infection a couple of weeks prior and I figured something must be going around in their bedroom!

I gave David all of his 7 days worth of ear drops. I'm such a good mom!

The next couple of weeks he would complain off and on about his ear but he didn't run a fever and it wasn't an everyday complaint so I did nothing. I'm such a good mom!

Monday David really started to complain about his ear. He cried a couple of times so I called the doctor Tuesday and couldn't get in. I called on Wednesday and they didn't even answer the phone. (This doctor's office is the WORST ! I love the kids doctor but I wish she would move to another office!)

Thursday I had to be in Arkadelphia to help lead a conference for ministry wives, but I called the doctor's office while I was there and got David an appointment for that afternoon. I'm such a good mom!

Stephen took him to the doctor and I get this text back from him.... IT IS THE WORST SHE HAS EVER SEEN. NOT JOKING.
I'm such a good mom!

The phrase it's the worst she's ever seen is a running joke in our family. My dad says it all the time and it makes us laugh, that's why he added the Not Joking sentence.

He said she got the light up to his ear and jumped back and said "that's the worst I've ever seen" "how long has it been like that?" "it's full of puss!" I'm such a good mom!

So, he has an antibiotic, ear drops and motrin to take for the next 7-10 days. And apparently enough puss in his ears to scare his doctor. I'm such a good mom!

I know this is going to keep me from receiving any mother of the year awards. I keep telling David I'm sorry. I finally asked if he was tired of me saying I'm sorry, he just looked at me smiled and shook his head no. I'm such a good mom!



Kelley said...

Julie, I can relate to this. I am not winning any awards either this year. You are a great Mom! Things just happen sometimes!