Friday, October 21, 2011

Food Friday...Kinda

I am s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g trying to make this a food related post since it is Food Friday. I cooked nada this week...not a thing! It was an odd week with activities and illness in our home. Today I sat down to post this and I am drawing a blank on coming up with a good recipe because I plan to cook nada this weekend as I head out for a little girl time with my BFF. So, bear with me as I try my best to relate this post to food somehow :)

This is what we ate for supper last night. (This is my attempt to make this food related, just in case you were wondering.) We had special guests over and no one cooks on Thursday nights in my house. So, Pizza Inn was on order and all our guests were excited. Pizza Inn is a family favorite and from what I hear it is becoming pretty hard to find anymore.

Our special guests were Julie and her fun crew. Juju loves her Henry. He does not always show his love in the best and brightest way to her though. I am glad she loves him anyway. Poor Ju! All the way home from school I told him "Juju is at our house" and he would look out his window and say "Juju pretty". He really does love her!

Our sambo sporting the pajama jean... man style. Yes, Molly bought these funny things for Ben and Randall last Christmas. All 3 boys forgot their pajamas and had to get pjs from Uncle Randall for their bed wear. He picked these out for Samuel. It was so funny. Can you believe he is this tall already? Gosh. I still picture him in a longall and turtleneck just like Henry. They grow too fast.

Uncle Stephen loves a Veggie Tale and so does Henry. Henry let Stephen read his Veggie Tale "sick book" he got this week. He had bronchitis, poor thing. We get "sick presents" at our house. I carried that over from my nuclear family. I loved being meant new coloring books!

I love these 5 babies more than this keypad can express. Henry really was happy they were visiting, I promise! He really didn't cry the whole time.

Fab 4 funny pics are always my favorite. Samuel cracks me up acting all serious. The D's and Anna K are the cutest ever. I love these 4. I loved having Jules and her gang over for a night. It was a quick, short visit, but any time I can look at them, touch them and hear them in person makes my heart happy...and Pizza Inn makes it yummy!

Happy Food Friday!


Kelley said...

I haven't had Pizza Inn pizza in forever! I bet it was good. We don't cook on Thursdays here either. It is pizza night for us too! Love your pictures!